About Us

Advisory and execution support for CFOs in banks and financial services

Founded in 2010, StraitsBridge addresses the gap between the advise and execution support CFOs need in enhancing enterprise-wide financial effectiveness and what traditional consulting firms offer.

About us

Finance professionals with a consulting mindset

Our consultants include former CFOs and senior finance professionals. They draw on their vast experience and understanding of the CFO domain to develop and implement solutions that ensure the desired change is achieved.

At StraitsBridge, we bring pragmatism to our clients’ transformation needs and focus on delivering sustainable value. Our expertise and experience is our strength. We deliver actionable insights and results.

Asia Specialists

We serve banks and financial services firms across Asia. We are headquartered in Singapore with offices in Dubai and New Delhi.

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+65 6408 0501

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Typical situations that prompt a need for transformation in Finance

Appointment of a new CFO Confronted with legacy matters, an incoming CFO seeks reassurance on the efficiency, reliability of the Finance function

Major shift in business strategy or organizational structure : Reshape the Finance organization and realign its objectives to the new reality

Merger and acquisition Need for rapid integration of the finance functions. And determination, implementation of the new operating model

Data integrity Frequent financial restatements, other financial reporting issues

Cost management Review of the Finance function’s priorities, benchmarking its operating model and efficiency

New technology Implementation of new systems within and outside the Finance function, with significant impact on finance processes and competency requirements

Frequent issues Finance function facing challenges related to information quality, risk management, timely reporting of information, retention of key staff, etc.

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