Our Origins


As the CFO of banks across Asia, our founder Sanjay Uppal, realized there was a gap between the advice and execution support CFOs need to enhance enterprise-wide financial effectiveness and what traditional consulting firms offer.

About us

The advice was often limited in pragmatism due to the absence of in-the-trenches experience in the advisory team. Furthermore, the lack of execution support often left the already burdened Finance teams struggling to meet immediate demands as well as deliver transformation projects.

As a result, many Finance functions today comprise of varying degrees of inefficient, manually intensive processes, disparate systems and data structures, and are faced with other legacy issues. They present an enormous challenge in the face of changing priorities and escalating stakeholder demands.

Bridging the Gap

In a career spanning over 20 years as a CFO and an advisor, our founder experienced first-hand, the value that highly-skilled finance professionals can bring to CFOs in financial institutions, especially professionals with a consulting mindset and a focus on delivering value.

In 2010, StraitsBridge was established to provide pragmatic advisory and execution support on new organization strategies and transformation requirements, to CFOs in banks and financial services firms.

Our professionals include former CFOs and senior finance professionals with wide-ranging experience in leading global financial institutions. They draw on their vast experience and understanding of the CFO domain to develop and implement solutions that ensure the desired change is achieved.

They go beyond the academic, bringing much needed pragmatism to the required transformation in the CFO’s domain in financial services, and a deeper understanding of the financial services business that has a clear objective of increasing shareholder value.


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Solutions. Implementation.

Concept to delivery We assist clients throughout the transformation process, developing leading-edge strategies and implementing them to achieve operational efficiencies.

Commercial focus Our unique approach to consulting enables us to build a robust case and deliver the desired transformation based on a deeper understanding of our clients’ business and their stakeholders.

Practical & actionable results Our methodologies are developed by hands-on executives. We understand the priorities of financial services CFOs and we respond to and accomplish their needs.

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