BI Capabilities and Assessments

Evaluating existing BI capabilities

Assessment of BI capabilities is appropriate both for organizations embarking on their initial business intelligence (BI) effort and for organizations with a mature BI environment.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

BiCapabilitiesAssessmentsStraitsBridge assist clients through providing an impartial health check on their existing BI environment. This important ‘taking stock’ will provide the client with a solid starting position.

Our BI Capabilities Assessment service is particularly beneficial for organizations that are planning to establish a cohesive information management strategy, or are frustrated by their inability to use information to drive better decision making.

Key areas of delivery

Plan to position the BI function in the enterprise
Gap analysis: Current position versus the desired BI Vision
Summary of value creation opportunities, including ways to maximize your existing IT resources
Business case and high-level master plan

Initial foray into data warehousing and business intelligence?
We participate in the early planning stages to evaluate the organization’s readiness to launch a BI initiative and help develop an effective implementation strategy. We work with key stakeholders to identify a high-priority, manageable initial scope, develop justification, and establish a roadmap for subsequent phases

A mature BI environment?
We can help clients identify opportunities to grow and enhance capabilities. We work with them to evaluate their current environment, assess methodology and strategy, and ensure the organization’s BI capabilities align with the business’s strategies and requirements

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BI assessment: Key elements

BI assessment typically encompasses all key aspects of an organization that could influence the overall success of the BI strategy. It delivers both long term and near-term benefits to the organization, including:

A validation of BI project’s proposed direction that can help determine if the business and technical assumptions are accurate and if there are any critical omissions

The opportunity to engage key stakeholders and obtain their perspective on the expectations and efficacy of the BI environment in the organization. This can help identify weaknesses and roadblocks to success and approach and address these proactively

Establishing a cohesive, evolutionary vision for current and future development

Review of project return-on-investment to ensure that the investments are yielding intended benefits

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