BI Strategy & Roadmap

From vision to reality

Development of a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) strategy begins with the creation of a BI vision that is aligned with the objectives of the organization. The BI vision helps clearly define what BI means to the organization both operationally and strategically.

A total BI solution is a complex coming together of many elements of an organization. The success of this solution is dependent on skilful orchestration of the disparate data sources, data quality, software tools and technologies deployed across the organization, workflows, rules, policies, and finally, the people who will leverage the outputs of a BI solution.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

BIStrategyRoadmapStraitsBridge helps clients develop a comprehensive BI strategy and roadmap and assist in the delivery process to realize the rewards of a successful BI strategy.

Our experienced consultants work with key resources across the client’s organization to help identify the data, knowledge, and metrics their business requires to make better and faster decisions. They will analyze the current status, align the client’s functional goals with their business strategies, and develop bespoke business intelligence roadmap

Whether clients are already planning a new enterprise BI strategy, or extending an existing BI solution, our BI services assists in achieving the desired results

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Single Version of Truth (SVOT)

Our experience has shown how crucial business meetings for strategy development, performance review & risk management are rendered unproductive, as several people bring different data to backup their findings.

Until the SVOT is achieved, a lot of time can be wasted discussing how figures have been derived, rather than creating effective business decisions.

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