Data Management

The foundation for BI

Data is an invaluable asset to any organisation. Effectively leveraging data can be the difference between success and failure, competitive and irrelevant, and security and risk. Success comes from a commitment to gathering, organizing, protecting, analyzing and communicating business data.

Today, data and related tools present an opportunity to find new insights, to make your business more agile, and to answer questions that were previously considered beyond reach.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

Data management

At StraitsBridge, we offer advisory through execution services that allow:

Master Data Management
MDM promotes a single version of the truth realized through business process management, technological innovation and skilled application of advanced techniques. We understand how to design, budget, manage, and deliver MDM programs
Data Governance
A Data Governance Charter ensures that a solid foundation is laid towards an effective data management. We help put in place guidelines, policies and standards that will form the framework for properly managing data from creation to archiving
Data Integration
We provide integrated data solutions that integrate legacy application data sets into a central application
Data Quality
We work closely with the data owners and users to establish and implement solutions with high quality data that is accurate, complete and consistent. This is achieved through deploying processes that access and validate data sets against the organization’s definitions or format
Data Migration
As organizations invest in new systems and platforms, migrations of data from legacy systems to new platforms is vital to business continuity. We help clients plan and execute a well-thought data migration process. This will be done without the loss of data or distortion of the actual meaning of the source data
Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)
Whether it is a data integration project, a data migration exercise or master data management initiative, our experienced professionals will help you implement the required phases to ensure data integrity is achieved

This includes:
Extracting data from various source applications and inserting into temporal storage areas
Transforming extracted data: Cleansing and validating data using business rules
Loading transformed data into a target application

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Data : Opportunities & threats

Terabytes of storage can now be purchased for a few hundred dollars. Solid state storage devices allow access to data at unprecedented speeds.

Technologies such as OLAP, columnar data stores and grid computing enable analyzing data with sub second response times.

Algorithms for searching, categorizing, and predicting are continuously being optimized.

Cloud services put infrastructure into the hands of anyone at a scale that was only available to large organizations till a few years ago.

With all this opportunity, there comes increased responsibility on managing enterprise data as governments introduce more stringent privacy legislation and hacking and corporate espionage remain continuing threats.


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