Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP : Bringing it together

In an ever-changing financial services environment, ERP and financial systems must adapt to changes in business or organizational models. Adaptable and highly scalable ERP Systems are essential building blocks for a flexible process and system architecture.

As CFOs seek to create more efficient and effective finance functions to deal with a difficult business environment, it is more important that they optimize their investment in ERP technologies especially when they undertake upgrades or new implementations.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

ERPAt StraitsBridge, we offer a broad range of services related to deploying and optimizing ERP and financial systems.

Whether the client is considering implementing a new financial management system, or extending the capabilities of existing infrastructure, we can provide knowledgeable, flexible, and results-oriented assistance.

We work closely with CFOs and other key stakeholders to :

Understand available options for ERP and financial management systems and how they can best support the clients’ organizations’ strategies & objectives

Select a new ERP system and related components that best fit the organization’s business needs and IT infrastructure
Articulate the business case and obtain organizational buy-in for the investment
Adapt or implement ERP platforms and transform related business processes to meet evolving business needs
Manage complex implementations and integration activities, both functional and technical, while minimizing the impact on day to day operations
Enhance system capabilities in a way that is flexible enough to meet the clients’ ever-changing business needs and keep pace with changing technologies
Post-implementation value capture

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ERP to the rescue

Finance applications must be able to deliver more timely information that supports decision making critical to managing through the downturn and the anticipated recovery.

CFOs are increasingly seeking an integrated financial application platform that maximizes automation, standardizes financial processes, enhances data quality and improves control at a reasonable cost.

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