Finance Transformation

A holistic change

Finance transformation can mean many things, but it is not a one-size-fits-all and it does not always imply a massive overhaul of the Finance function.

Regardless of the reason for setting out on a Finance Transformation journey, a well designed implementation strategy is fundamental to its success; one that embodies change across all elements of the Finance infrastructure: organization, process, people and technology.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

Finance transformation
At StraitsBridge, we help CFOs identify the weaknesses in their finance organization, prioritize required change efforts and support CFOs in defining the optimal operating model that best serves their vision for financial effectiveness in their organization.

Objective of finance transformation can include one or more of the following

Redefine the finance operating model
Deliver new processes, services, analysis that fundamentally change the way finance function interacts with the businesses


Leverage new technologies, business models to deliver more efficient and effective services


Standardize, integrate systems and leverage enabling technologies in corporate performance management


Close the books in a more timely fashion


Realize synergies from the management of legal entities


Revamp the entire finance organization




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How we can help you

Planning a major finance transformation?

We leverage our experience to develop solutions that will work for your organization in the context of your business, your priorities and the market environment.

Our bespoke approach also helps avoid the various pitfalls that are typically encountered during transformation efforts.

Already begun the journey of finance transformation?

Our insights will provide a reference point to help keep your organization’s efforts on track or help improve the results of troubled programs.


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