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Creating efficiencies for value

Shared services and outsourcing are emerging as essential elements of the centralized/decentralized Finance operating model. They help establish an efficient financial infrastructure for growth and enable Finance professionals to focus more on analysis and less on day-to-day production.

However, while establishing shared services centre or outsourcing processes is more the norm in today’s business environment, unfortunately many of these arrangements often fail to meet expectations.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

Finance SharedServicesWe help CFOs develop a service delivery model before making any assumptions regarding shared services or outsourcing as an outcome for creating cost-effective and flexible back offices.

This differentiates us from pure-play outsourcing advisory firms, as we bring independent advice to CFOs in the critical process of determining whether establishment of shared service centre or outsourcing is the “right” answer, and to what extent.

Key areas of delivery:

Service delivery model assessment Recommend a suitable shared servicing/outsourcing strategy based on the Finance function’s needs, core strengths, competitive environment, existing vendors and business strategy
RFP process and partner selection Identify opportunities, manage the bidding process, screen proposals and vendors, and develop the contract.
Implementation planning and program management Develop and implement the detailed activities of transition, including retained organization design, operational process development, governance and program management office. Our rigorous, value-driven approach helps clients make the right decisions and achieve measurable, sustainable results
Remediation services Analyze the current status of the shared service centre/outsourcing relationship, assess the value delivered, and recommend ways to improve performance

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Questions facing the CFO

Are we outsourcing the right parts of our functions to the right places?

Does our shared service centre fully optimize costs and scale?

How do we choose the best providers, negotiate effectively?

How can we manage for better results and greater value?

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