Post-Merger Integration

Integration : Deliver the value

M&A isn’t successful until integration is complete. And, that requires a disciplined process that involves high risks.

In case of the Finance function, the integration process commences much before the deal is done to ensure readiness for Day 1 following the completion of transaction.

Successful integration is always a challenge, and it is complicated by the simple fact that no two deals can be integrated in the same way.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

Post-Merger-IntegrationOur professionals bring rich experience in post-merger integration in the Finance function.

We appreciate the potential pitfalls of such transitions, and that the hardest work often occurs after the transaction closes.

Our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition for the Finance function with expert planning and skilled execution:

Our approach to Finance PMI is customized and focused. We adapt our approach to each type of merger and to the most important sources of potential value. We work closely with CFOs and their organizations at all levels to embed change throughout the Finance function and beyond to deliver maximum value

Our professionals bring a wealth of PMI experience to draw on. We set up a customized team that combines deep knowledge in financial services and technology with the functional skills required to deliver a tailored solution for the CFO

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PMI: CFO’s challenge

The CFO is under time pressure to address multiple challenges concurrently during the post-merger integration (PMI), including:

Preparing a comprehensive PMI plan and prioritising the integration activities

Producing financial, regulatory and management information for the consolidated entity right after the merger/acquisition

Realization of synergies in the Finance function

Assessing and addressing risks facing the organization during PMI, including financial controls, balance sheet, capital, regulatory risks & compliance

Communicating PMI progress to external and internal stakeholders

Integrating two different cultures and deal with conflicts between them

Retaining key talent during and beyond the integration process

Keeping staff focused on core deliverables during the integration process

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