Synergies : Tracking, Realization

M&A : Measuring value creation

“What gets measured, gets managed.”Peter Drucker

There is much power in this quote, perhaps more so in terms of realization of synergies identified during the transaction due diligence.

Invariably, the task of identifying the merger synergies, tracking and reporting rests with the CFO.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

We assist CFOs and their organizations through:

Assessing the Initial synergy estimates and their sources during pre-announcement due diligence

Guiding the organization on synergies tracking process and principles

Tracking synergy achievements after the transaction closes

Developing disclosures and communication for internal and external stakeholders

In our experience, a well defined, disciplined, and transparent approach to driving value and tracking synergies is vital. It helps reduce the time required to capture value and increase the overall size of the value realized.

Our disciplined approach to synergies can help organizations achieve early wins in synergies realization, build momentum, and inspire confidence among their stakeholders.

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Focus on synergies

The ultimate goal of any merger or acquisition is to create shareholder value.

However, in the rush of activity before, during and after a transaction, it is often easy for organizations to become distracted and lose sight of this goal.

Doing deals is tough, but capturing deal value is even tougher.

It is imperative that synergies get realized, deal value captured, and the resulting performance communicated to all stakeholders.

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