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Financial institutions are complex organizations to manage. Following the onset of the global financial crisis and in an environment of scarce and expensive capital, financial institutions are seeking to establish a new framework for performance management, one that is based on principles of economic capital and will enhance the sophistication of their existing frameworks.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

Performance ManagementAt StraitsBridge, we assist clients in developing an integrated approach that links strategies, metrics, financial planning and reporting, with ongoing operational reporting and execution.

Our bespoke solutions skilfully combine the client’s unique approach to performance management with emerging industry best practices to deliver successful, sustainable outcomes.

We help clients overcome the complexities with calculating risk adjusted performance metrics and address issues with:
Funds transfer pricing
Risk computation
Revenue measurement & allocation
Cost allocation
Determination & allocation of Economic Capital

We assist clients in transforming legacy budgeting & planning processes to one that allows an opportunity to reflect, discuss, debate and consider different scenarios.

Key areas of delivery

Identify effective performance measures that align to the objectives of the organization

Build strategically-aligned Balanced Scorecards and operational dashboards

Automate management, financial reporting processes

Improve budget cycle time and forecast accuracy that incorporate driver-based planning concepts

Leverage technology solutions to implement leading performance management and planning processes

Align planning, reporting and business intelligence processes, data and systems

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Primary Performance Frameworks

Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital (RAROC) The use of RAROC is expanding beyond being merely a performance indicator, to becoming a key driver in pricing and evaluation of transactions

Enterprise planning & budgeting This is probably the most prevalent core business process. From budgeting to forecasting to long term planning, organizations often spend inordinate amounts of time preparing spreadsheets to complete this annual ritual

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