Expense Management

Sustainable efficiencies

Banks and financial services firms are at a crossroads. They must continue to manage costs effectively and improve efficiencies in volatile economic times. However, indiscriminate cost reductions may severely weaken their ability to grow revenues as the economic outlook improves.

A sustained approach to cost management that seeks to build a culture of consistent efficiency improvement across the enterprise ensures lasting financial success.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

Performance ManagementWe help clients in this objective through successfully combining our deep insights of banks and financial services firms, their business models, operating environments and priorities with our extensive experience in achieving sustainable efficiencies.

Our consultants bring rich experience in helping institutions achieve long-term efficiencies, while ensuring short-term success through capturing quick-wins.

We deliver effective cost optimization programs through cost-driver analysis and spend analysis. This assists CFOs and the management to better understand their organization’s cost structures and, in turn, allows them to identify, quantify and prioritize savings opportunities.

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Perils of One-Off Cost Reduction Programs

Large, one-time cost reduction programs rarely deliver sustainable improvements to an organization’s overall cost structure.

While this approach achieves rapid cost benefits, in the long run it often leaves the organization unable to sustain those cost reductions, resulting in a competitive disadvantage.

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