Visualization, Reporting and Analysis

Improved Presentation, Better Decisions

Think visual! Today’s performance management and business intelligence products provide a wide range of visual capabilities beyond mere tables and charts. Interactive pivot tables allow a multi-faceted view of data, whether in spreadsheets or on the web browser.

Data visualization in the form of graphical representations enables business users to better understand data and use it to achieve tactical and strategic objectives. This empowers users to explore and utilize, in a graphically inviting medium, data that was previously available only in tabular reports.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

Performance ManagementWe can help the CFOs build an enterprise scorecard or corporate dashboard which ensures they are on top of their organisation’s performance.

Information on demand
We assist clients in transforming current spreadsheet-centric management reporting process into an automated process that takes minutes rather than days and weeks.

This includes designing and development of solutions that allow users to work with information on screen within a corporate portal or a mobile device, allowing them to choose what to see and analyze; not what is fed to them.

Scorecards and dashboards
We work with our clients to build a scorecard culture and system to ensure their teams are on the same page.

Balanced scorecards: They enable organizations to have a 360 degree view of their business from a financial and qualitative perspective.

Dashboards: These provide senior decision-makers with a visual of progress, against plan across key performance indicators vital to the business.

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Bespoke reporting and analysis

We work with a range of reporting and analysis tools and can help determine which tools would best serve your objectives.

Our professionals will assist in designing and building solutions that are both pragmatic and effective within a web portal, enabling your business users to have a view of their world.

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