Advanced Analytics

StraitsBridge uses specialized skills and competencies to deliver advanced analytics services and products to our clients. We help our clients to drive growth, manage risk and increase efficiencies within their organizations. Predictive & prescriptive analytics, data mining, big data analytics and machine learning are some of the analytical categories that we specialize in and have delivered several successful use cases to our clients.


We leverage from

  • Traditional analytical tools that comprise basic business intelligence capabilities that examine historical data.
  • Tools for advanced analytics that focus on forecasting future events and behaviors, enabling our client businesses and support functions to conduct what-if analyses etc. and to predict the effects of potential changes in their relevant business and support strategies.


Our advanced analytics dashboards support a quicker time-to-market and involves using mathematical approaches to interpreting data. We provide predictive modeling capabilities assisted by auto-recommendations, auto-suggestions and sophisticated algorithms in all our dashboards. These allow the Bank’s business users to apply multiple statistical models using forecasting, regression, classification, clustering and other readily available algorithms to analyze an infinite number of use cases to address customer targets, cross-sales opportunities, pricing strategies, risk assessment measures and individualize promotional targets and buying behavior patterns.


Our dashboards also leverage from machine-driven techniques, such as ’deep learning’, to identify patterns, correlations and groupings in their data sets. In many cases, such complex predictive and prescriptive analysis would have required multiple highly skilled data scientists. Our professionals have extensive training in mathematics & statistics; Python and the R Language; as well as come with several experiences in various organizations within Banking businesses.