Risk Governance

Our consultants analyze risk from an integrated perspective, exploring risk relationships within your Bank to create a more sophisticated understanding of the Bank’s material risks. We can enable risk practices in your bank at any stage of your risk governance and management journey.


Risk Governance

Our consultants help banks institutionalize proper risk governance and internal controls. We enable Risk management departments to better understand exposures to banking risks. We support them to put optimal controls in place to counter threats and effectively pursue Bank’s objectives.


Enterprise Risk framework

We provide support to client banks in maximizing value by striking an optimal balance between growth / return goals and related risks. We support in enabling our clients to efficiently and effectively deploy resources in pursuit of Bank’s risk objectives by building enterprise risk frameworks that cover:


  • Alignment between risk appetite and strategy
    Our consultant’s support Banks to understand their risk appetite in evaluating strategic alternatives by setting related objectives and developing mechanisms to help them manage related risks.
  • Enhancing risk response decisions
    Our expertise provides the capabilities for our clients to identify and select among alternative risk responses – risk avoidance, reduction, sharing, and acceptance.
  • Reducing operational surprises and losses
    Our capabilities help Banks identify potential events and establish responses, reducing surprises and associated costs or losses.
  • Identifying and managing multiple and cross-enterprise risks
    Our consultants help facilitate effective response to the interrelated bank, network and subsidiary risks and impacts, and enable them to provide integrated responses to multiple risks
  • Seizing opportunities
    By considering a full range of potential events, our clients have shown advances in being able to position to identify and proactively realize opportunities
  • Improving deployment of capital
    We support our clients to assess overall capital needs and enhance their capital allocation


Risk appetite

Our consultants support Banks to implement an effective risk appetite framework by translating high level risk objectives into clear, understandable guidelines and metrics for various departments within the Bank. We include a top-down and bottom-up approach into an iterative process that combines push and pull principles across the Bank.


Independent model validation & audits

We develop, validate and implement a wide variety of credit risk models for Banks. Our clients often look to us for resource augmentation leading up to supervisory reviews and other audits. In conjunction with our partners, we provide multiple areas and checks for model validations and audit. Our consulting work entails review of the modeling environment including data, input assumptions, model theory, mechanics, model use, policies, regulations, controls and documentation.


Regulatory model approval & proposed regulatory changes

Our consultants can help Bank’s comply with local, regional, and global regulatory requirements that impact Banks today and in the future. Our consultants come with decades of experience and analytical expertise to help Banks identify, monitor, report and mitigate risks. We hit the ground running with minimal and very steep learning curves.


Risk related training

We provide in-house and offsite training for our clients to understand banking business models in relation to risks & its importance. We provide qualitative and quantitative tools training for measuring and managing financial risks effectively. We also train our clients on different methodologies used for regulatory capital and liquidity requirements in banks. Our expertise helps Banks to apply principles of governance to the identification, assessment, management and communication of risks.


Board Risk Committee support & coaching

We enable the Bank’s Senior Executives and Boards to be accountable for their decisions, provide coaching on relevant reasons and processes that cater to managing risk appetites and its mitigations. We coach them to understand effectively how to assess criteria’s, review simple & complex dependencies and conflicting variables and review options prior to applying their judgement and take decisions.


Change management

We help Bank’s change initiatives succeed by identifying factors that negatively impact business & projects and support in controlling the change to eliminate or improve these factors.  Our consultants advise on identification and mitigation of systemic risks, we work with senior management to build accountability and in providing the right capacity for change. We guide Business & IT departments on integration of people and projects. Our consultants have supported banks in managing change, readiness, sponsorship, communications and in executing change.