Technology & Systems

Banks currently face typical technology & data challenges as below in enabling an efficient Digital journey for their customers:


  • Lack of a single vendor stack that handles “technology and data to action”
  • Disparate tools and a lack of integration of tools from different vendors
  • Differing approaches and complex architectural choices
  • Complicated licensing in closed and open source/subscription models resulting in costs
  • Lack of right skills and clarity about responsibility within business / organization
  • Inability to identify a use case that can provide a quick “win” to gain broader executive buy-in
  • Lack of robust data governance and quality framework to handle both structured and unstructured data


We support Financial Institutions in gaining traction on their Digital journeys by supporting them with efficient coverage and depth of business, data, technology & systems understanding. Our skills enable a quicker learning of client’s end-to-end data supply chain from core banking solutions to end visualization tools which translate into more meaningful and value insights for our clients. As one would notice, we have several experiences and can share case studies in each stage of the information life-cycle from data to insights.