The CFOs challenge

Margin pressures, credit issues, interest changing demographics, increased customer demands and regulatory changes are creating new challenges and opportunities in financial services. These trends are also causing financial services organizations to re-evaluate their strategic goals, delivery mechanisms and effectiveness of their operations.

The current financial crisis has done more than destroy value of financial institutions. It has redefined what financial institutions must do to compete and win.

Solutions from StraitsBridge

IndustriesOur consultants bring rich experience with leading global and regional financial institutions and have helped them improve their competitive advantage through economic cycles including in the current challenging times.

Through close and candid collaboration with our clients, StraitsBridge strives to find the most creative, cost-effective, and strategic long-term solutions to their challenges.

Whether it is strategy development, process improvement critical to competitive advantage or technology implementation to enable operating efficiency, our consultants brings depth of financial services experience that ensures successful change and implementation for our clients.

We are independent advisors and that ensure that our solutions are objective and based on integrity and innovation – solutions that work for our clients.

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Questions facing the CFOs

Enterprise-wide challenges have expanded the CFO’s role and responsibilities at the executive table. As a result, the CFO is faced with many questions:

How is the structure of the financial services industry evolving & how the revenue and profit pools are likely to change?

How do I install a value-creation system throughout the organization?

How can I best identify and manage strategic, operative, and financial risks, especially in times of crisis?

How can I build and sustain a world-class finance function that is effective in my organization’s context?

How do we transform our cost structure to better align with reduced margin expectations?

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