Big Data

Big data is not just a Banking Buzzword anymore, but a new reality of the Banking business environment. The volume, velocity and variety of data is changing so rapidly that now uncovering actionable insights from data requires a well-planned Big Data strategy. A well-executed Big Data program provides the opportunity to reap the benefits from analysis of information streams and our consultative approach assists Banks in:


  • Uncovering hidden opportunities for selling
  • Minimizing risk
  • Optimizing supply chain management
  • Improving forecasting
  • Tracking key performance indicators


We enable our clients to be proactive about their data analytics initiatives and create multiple opportunities through our ideations and use cases that immediately bring forth a quicker delivery and implementation Lifecyle that extends value creation for our clients. StraitsBridge regularly provides solutions and services geared towards making your data simpler, scalable and easier to analyze to generate more insight.



Our Big Data consultants continuously review industry trends, perspectives, models and architect solutions to guide your Big Data journey.


We allow bespoke models because we believe what works for one bank will not work for another.



We have developed multiple Big data solutions to capture, store and process high volumes and any types of data for our clients. We provide real-time, streaming, batch and EOD processing using Data technologies. We have several support implementation of Data lake architectures to replace / extend / complement Enterprise Data warehouses. We provide Data Quality and Governance frameworks and methods. We also have already provided several capabilities to our clients in setting-up and collaborating on Big Data Co-Innovation labs and inclusions for several solution accelerators .